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IWP portal not visable when record restrictions are in place but work fine in FMP environment.

Question asked by rvarghes on Feb 25, 2013
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IWP portal not visable when record restrictions are in place but work fine in FMP environment.


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Description of the issue

Portal records are not visible when record restrictions are added to the user account.  The records are visible in the portal if viewed in the FMP environment but not in an IWP format.  If the record restrictions are removed the portal functions as expected.  Scripts are all triggered by user actions and are all IWP compatible.  The security restrictions appear to not be functioning as expected.  Spent the morning in the Forum without resolving the issue.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Posted the issue to the forum and worked with  PhilModJunk to go over my set-up to see if I had missed something.  We were unable to determine why my approach is not working.

Expected result

Portal should show records in IWP mode with security features set to limit record access.  I'm using variable to set the value for the restrictions.  The variable is being set correctly however the restriction is preventing the portal from showing it's contents but the TO is working fine when viewed in another layout.  Layout security is set to view only without further restrictions.

Actual result

Portal does not show records in IWP mode.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

No error message just empty portal

Configuration information

Above is the link to the discussion I had with the moderator in the FMP forum.  Please let me know when you have time to address this issue.  Thank you.


Just to use filters but this is not restricting access if someone is able to get around the filters.  All menus are disabled if the account access the database so the show all button is not visible.  I found that only using the filters would allow someone to press show all the all records could be viewed.  Not good for my application.
View the issue - have turned back on Record level restrictions for the Student portal of the Family summary
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