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IWP unstable, cannot login or change settings

Question asked by HommaJun on Feb 18, 2011


IWP unstable, cannot login or change settings


FileMaker Pro


Pro 10.0v1 / Pro Advanced 11.0v2

Operating system version

MacOS X 10.6 / 10.6 Server

Description of the issue

Instant Web Publishing often becomes unstable by unknown reason. It works as expected for several days or a week,  but after a while, it always become unstable and often blocks registered end-users from logging in.

Once you gets in to this trouble, IWP's configuration settings panel ( on the master database ) also shows weird responses:

a - Timeout period cannot be changed. Able to input figures but always show default 15 minutes when re-opening the panel.
b - Beachball takes too long ( minutes ) after pushing "OK" button on the panel.
c - Sometimes, changing language setting (i.e. Japanese) on the panel kills IWP (404 error)

Re-installing FileMaker application fixes this issue temporary, but it comes out again and again.

I thought it might be unique to OSX Server but standard mac also seems to have the same problem (actually, I have just confirmed "a" and "c" above ). I have not tried windows as a IWP server.  Also, I am wondering if there's a conflict with Symantec and disabled its Autoplotect/Scheduler control panels. IWP port is set as 8080.

This must be similar to the following topic, but I have not encountered the "too long port number" issue:

Configuration information

Crrently Filemaker (master database) is running on Mac OS 10.6 Server and accessed by Windows PCs via IWP (browsers). Both Mac/Win machines in my office has Symantec installed. Using 360works ScriptMaster.