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IWP will not logout using a script step and shows status area even if locked.

Question asked by DonClark on Apr 16, 2011
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IWP will not logout using a script step and shows status area even if locked.


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Snow Leopard on Mac and Win 2008 Server with FMSA 11

Description of the issue

Database is served on a Win 2008 server and accessed via IWP on multiple browsers.  The status area is locked closed, so the logout button is not accessible.  Recently, clicking the logout button changed behavior:  instead of logging out, the page reloads (flashes), and the status area indicator bar appears on the screen with the status area closed, and clicking the carat opens the status area.  Clicking the button again causes a successful logout.  If I open the status area before clicking the button and try the FM logout button, the program logs out normally.  I cannot have the iwp users using the status area for security reasons, so that is not an option.
I have posted this on the technet forums and found one other person with the same issue, but no solution.  I have recovered the database and run it from my local FM client and the problem persists.  Here is the link to the Technet thread.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Click the scripted logout button.

Expected result

Direct logout and return to the home page.

Actual result

Flash on screen and the status bar indicator appears, and logout does not occur.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


Configuration information

Fully patched Windows 2008 server with fully patched FM server 11 on a cloud server.


Redirect the user to a layout based upon a table with no fields.  I placed another logout button there.  Clicking the logout button a second time results in a proper logout.  The status area indicator is visible, but harmless if opened by the end user.

Messy, but effective.