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Java version problem using GUI to server 9

Question asked by pat_pai on Jul 8, 2009
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Java version problem using GUI to server 9

Description of the issue

Good afternoon,I've ran into a problem recently with the server 9 GUI interface that was built in Java.It will not work if my version of Java (TM) 6 updater > 7.If i keep it at 7 or below, it works.Right now i want to know if FileMaker is comming up with a solution to this as it causes numerous problems for me since im supporting numerous applications that require, apparently, different versions of JAva 6.Is there a patch comming that will fix this for server 9?Else, does Server 10 handle this issue, because then i could update my servers to 10 if need be.I seam to have spoted a few weeks ago a patch in the download section for exactly that problem but i believe it was for 64 bit.My servers and my PC are all running in 32 bit architecture.Please let me know if theres work arounds for this other then removing any higher then 7 updates or if moving to Server 10 will fix it.Thank you very much