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JDBC Driver Zeros out Bytes Read After First Read From ResultSet

Question asked by MorkAfur on Dec 16, 2014
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JDBC Driver Zeros out Bytes Read After First Read From ResultSet


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Mac 10.10.1

Description of the issue

Try to re-read a container column from a ResultSet results in the bytes read all being zeros the second time read. Other fields types do not exhibit this zero-out behavior and even for very small container fields, you can re-read them from the ResultSet without them getting zeroed.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Create a JDBC connection to a FMP database.

Put an image in the field > 800 KB. The zeroing problem didn't happen with smaller files.

Execute Java code like this from a ResultSet from a SQL Query that brings in the Container field:

(1) byte[] imageBytes = getPictureImageRs.getBytes("image");  --> Image Data Exists as Expected.

Then, again, twice so you see, in the debugger, than imageBytes2 is all zeros!

  (2) byte[] imageBytes2 = getPictureImageRs.getBytes("image");  --> All Zeros!

Expected result

The result in (2) should also be the image data, but if you check in the debugger (for a large file > 800 KB), it'll be all zeros.

Note: you can re-read other fields with no problem from the ResultSet ** AND ** you can even re-read the Container field using the getBytes() call above for SMALL images (50 KB or so).

Actual result

Zeros for the bytes.


Only reading the bytes once into a variable and then repeatedly using the variable - rather than trying to read it from the ResultSet more than once.