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Key field data missing

Question asked by GaryJohansen on Mar 11, 2014
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Key field data missing


FileMaker Pro


ADV 13

Operating system version

Win 7 64 bit

Description of the issue

If I sort a table using ItemID as the keyfield and export the data to a .tab file, the first record of the of the ItemID includes the ItemID data and the rest of the records with the same ItemID are exported with empty ItemID fields.  If I remove the sort then export the data all fields are filled.

The issue is that once the data is imported into another program I'm no longer able to sort using the ItemID as one of the sort fields because many of them are blank.

If I export the file sorted on the ItemID and include the InvoiceID as a field, if the recipient uses Excel and wants to sort by InvoiceID, many of the ItemID will show as blank.

Steps to reproduce the problem

In a script take a table with multiple records containing the same data in one of the fields.  Sort on that field and export as a .tab file.

Expected result

Exported sorted table to .tab file to have all fields contain the data that's in them.

Actual result

Exported sorted table to .tab file only has the data contained in the keyfield in the first record and the rest of the records in the sorted order have a blank keyfield

Configuration information



don't export sorted table data, export unsorted data and do the sorts in another program