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    keyboard temporarily freezes during data entry



      keyboard temporarily freezes during data entry


      FileMaker Go


      GO 1.2.3

      Operating system version

      IOS 5 on iPhone

      Description of the issue

      When entering data my keyboard freezes for about 15 seconds.  The letter or number stays enlarged on the keyboard.  Sometimes there are several letters enlarged at one time.
      If I continue typing anyway the letters I type usually appear after time.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      type information into a field, particularly the calculation fields

      Expected result

      data would enter as typed

      Actual result

      A freeze and delay of 15 seconds until data is entered



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          Daryl Martin:

          Thank you for your post, and I apologize for the late reply.

          Can you provide any more detail on this freezing?  For example, does the freezing only occur with this one database file?  How many fields appear on the Layout?  What objects do you have on the Layout (background images, text blocks, rectangles, etc.)?  If you create a new database file and enter data, do you also have the same problem?  Have you tried reinstalling FileMaker Go?

          I realize more than two months have passed since your posting, so if you have found a resolution, please post here so others with similar symptoms can benefit.

          FileMaker, Inc.