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Known Bug List

Question asked by philmodjunk on Sep 17, 2009
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Known Bug List

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Since FMI has declined at this time to post a "known bug" list. Perhaps we should build our own. Here's the idea. Once a bug has been posted and confirmed, add a post to this thread with a brief summary and include a link to the original thread that reported the issue. If each of us add to this thread in this fashion, this thread can become a "one stop shop" for checking to see if something we've encountered has already been reported as a bug. I do ask that if you have any comments or questions about this thread to either send me a Private Message or open a separate thread so that we can limit this thread to specific links to verified bug reports. Here's an "First Post" to get the ball rolling: Name: Status Bar Junk (Black Blocks) Description:  If you enter layout mode and expose a hidden task bar, you may see black blocks distorting the "book" record control in the upper left corner. Bug is harmless as it doesn't affect data or function of the database. Version:  FMP 10v2, FMPA 10v2OS: Windows XP Link: Name: Can't Print selected page range of Relationship graph.Description: When you click the print button on the Relationship Graph and specify a page or range of pages. This option is ignored and Filemaker prints all the pages. Link: Version:  FMP 10v2, FMPA 10v2OS: Windows XP