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Known Bug List

Question asked by philmodjunk on Jan 11, 2010
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Known Bug List

Description of the issue

To Download a free FileMaker database version of this list:

There is also a Known Bug List for Filemaker GO:

Welcome to the new and improved Known Bug List.  
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The purpose of this thread: 

This thread is intended to help developers avoid the unnecessary effort of posting a report for a bug that has already been reported and acknowledged. It should also help developers more easily research the details of known issues by using the posted links to quickly drill down to the actual thread where the issue was reported, investigated and acknowledged. Lastly, I intend to update these posts to indicate if/when a bug fix or version release by Filemaker Inc. corrects the problem.  

All forum members are welcome to post to this thread.  
What you should post: 
A link to any bug documented in a separate thread in this forum that has been officially acknowledged as an issue by a Filemaker Technical Representative or which is documented in a Knowledge Base article. Such a post should include: A brief, preferably one line description of the bug. A working hyperlink to the Thread and/or Knowledge Base article where the bug was identified and acknowledged by Filemaker Inc. List the Filemaker and Operating System versions where the bug has been confirmed. If it has been confirmed that a bug is specific to only one version of Filemaker or only one Operating System version, indicate that as well.

Risk level: This can be subjective and I welcome your input if you disagree with a risk assessment:
High: potential corruption of the file or undesirable modification of multiple records.
Moderate: Possible undesirable modification of one or a few records.
Low: Undesirable data modification possible but unlikely
Nuisance: Bug does not pose a threat to data or file integrity.  

Please don’t post: 
Complaints, questions or suggestions about the thread or specific bugs. Those responses are welcome; just send a private message to me (click my forum name), post to a feedback thread, and/or post to the specific bug thread instead of this thread.

If someone chooses to post feedback or another type of “off topic” message, I'd prefer to simply move your post, but the current version of the software doesn't allow me to do that. Instead, I have no choice but to delete your message. I may also edit your post to fill in missing details or re-arrange things a bit to better “standardize” the format of each post.

“Bugs” that aren’t bugs. I know this can be subjective, but I intend to limit the thread to a narrow definition of “bug”. Filemaker “features” that produce results that you or I find to be undesirable, (such as Filemaker 11’s auto-sort feature), will not be posted here.  

Additional Notes:  This is not an exhaustive list of all known bugs; only those acknowledged bugs that forum members have elected to post are listed. Take all Operating System Versions listed with a grain of salt. The versions listed may simply be the versions reported in the original thread. (If you find an error here, let me know and I’ll update it.) Inclusion in this list does not indicate any commitment by Filemaker Inc to fix said bug in any future update or release of this software. I am not an employee of Filemaker Inc. I am volunteering my time to support a quality product I use on a daily basis. My only compensation has been free software from Filemaker, greater access privileges to this forum and the satisfaction of helping make a useful product more useful. Oh yeah, and I also got that new label “Community Leader” (blue ribbon) that now appears under my forum name.