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    Labels option grayed out



      Labels option grayed out


      FileMaker Pro


      12 v.3

      Operating system version

      Windows 7 (French)

      Description of the issue

      In Layout mode, new Layout for labels, I can't access Avery labels... the option is grayed out.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      My Windows is updated, so is FileMaker.


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               There is a folder of layout templates that are supposed to be installed along with the application. From your screen shot, it would appear that no such folder exists on your computer. On my XP computer, the folder was located at: C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced\Extensions\Labels

               I imagine that a Windows 7 system locates it in a similar location.

               I'd try re-installing the software to see if that corrects this issue by installing the needed folder of labels templates.

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                 I reinstalled the program 3 times already.

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                   Have you checked to see if that Labels folder exists on your system?

                   Which language are you selecting during the install? English?

                   The label templates installed can vary with the geographical region as I understand it, so there could be a locality issue between the installer program and your computer. Come to think of it, it might even be that the installer is seeing French directory names where it is expecting English.

                   Wonder if selecting French as the install lnaguage would make a difference? (Just a guess on my part...)

                   As I understand it, Tech Support Phone Calls about Installation problems are free so that may be an option to consider.

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                Steve Wright

                     On my Windows 7 system as Phil specified, I have a folder under:

                     C:\Program Files (x86)\FileMaker\FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced\Extensions

                     Called labels which contains "LabelsUK.flb"

                     However, I also have a folder called Labels (Inactive) which contains various other languages including french.
                     What file do you currently have in the Labels folder?

                     If you have UK (or US) etc, maybe its worth copying the french one into place, or if you have french, perhaps copy the UK / US one
                     depending on the language Filemaker is running in, just a guess and what I would try.

                     Failing that, Im with Phil.. tech support may have already come across this issue and have a method at hand to fix it.



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                       Thanks SWS. It works! I copied the LabelsUS.flb to the empty Labels folder and I now have my labels. Cheers!