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Lags in Textfont function in Filemaker 14

Question asked by AlexBelozierov on May 23, 2015
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Lags in Textfont function in Filemaker 14


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Mac OS 10.10

Description of the issue

I have faced a problem with FM 14. My database that was perfectly working on FM 13 started to work with 3-5 seconds-long lags when reacting on any actions/commands, and scrolling in portal became impossible.
The problem is in showing calculation field in portal, that causes lags in the database functioning. My calculation field had relatively many calculations and there were quite many rows in the portal. But on FM 13 I didn’t have such problems.
When I deleted this calculation field from the layer on FM 14, everything started to work perfectly again. But this particular field is needed to show certain data while performing search in portal. I partially solved this problem by hiding this field, when my search field was empty. But when I start searching, even if the result of search is a small number of entries for which my calculation fiels should be calculated, the problem appears once again and all starts lagging.

Steps to reproduce the problem

By trial and error I figured out that reason of lags was Textfont function. When I deleted it from the calculation field everything worked fine. I used 2 fonts, one for the field «Open sans light» and for the Textfont function «Open sans», these are two fonts which I always use.
Having changed fonts for the Textfont function to «Arial» the problem didn’t disappear, but having changed  it to «Helvetica» or «Calibri», for example, it disappears. This problem appears even when calculation field is empty, which is very strange.