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Layout changes don't get saved over LAN/WAN

Question asked by hschlossberg on Mar 5, 2014
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Layout changes don't get saved over LAN/WAN


FileMaker Pro


FMPA 13, with both FMS 12 and 13

Operating system version


Description of the issue

A month ago (FMPA 13, connected via WAN to FMS 13), I went to an existing layout, deleted everything from it and pasted into it everything from another layout.  Then I started making some tweaks -- disabling buttons, disabling field entry, adding some text, removing some other things, etc).  Every now and then I put it into browse mode to see how it looked, make sure there's nothing left that is clickable or enterable.  I recall doing this at least twice, plus the final look, etc.  The next day, I'd gone back to that layout and found it was the original layout content. None of my changes were there.  I flipped through all 133 layouts to make sure I didn't accidentally do my work on a different layout (nope).  I checked the previous night's backup to see if my changes made it that far (nope).  I had no other local copies of the db and checked my recently opened files just to be sure (nope).

And then last week, with a different solution on a different server on a different WAN (FMPA 13, connected via WAN to FMS 12).  In this case, there were multiple changes on multiple layouts last week, and every single one of them are gone as of this morning.  But in this case, I have proof that I'm not totally crazy because the fields and scripts I'd added at the same time as my layout changes ARE still in the database.  Only the layout changes are gone.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Haven't been able to replicate it intentionally.