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    Layout design difficulties



      Layout design difficulties


      FileMaker Pro



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      Windows 7

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      I am really having problems designing a layout because the SHIFT + DIRECTION (PRECISE ADJUSTING) does not longer work in Filemaker Pro Adv 12.  Can you please let me know how I can adjust the different margins between the fields with ease?


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               Do you mean you want to hold down the shift key and drag a field border so that the shift key limits the size change to just a change in width or just a change in height?

               If so, don't hold down the shift key. Instead, grab and drag the new handle that appears in the middle between two corners to resize the field.

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                 No, I mean when in layout mode you want to adjust the position of your field.  In FIlemaker 11 you could use CTRL+LEFT or CTRL+RIGHT to adjust the position very precise.  In Filemaker 12 this no longer works and I am having big troubles to adjust all my fields on the layout...

                 why is this functionality no longer present in Filemaker 12???  If the new way is using those rulers or guides, this takes forever....

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                   I use the arrow keys (without holding down the ctrl key) on my windows systems and can nudge layout objects around one pixel at a time without any trouble. Why hold down the control key?

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                     if I use the direction buttons I cannot adjust the fields with 1px at a time.  Is this a setting I need to do in FM?

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                       normally there were two type of movements possible with the direction buttons, one with CTRL together and one without.
                       It is impossible to get all fields on one line without having the CTRL combination....

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                         Sorry, but I'm confused when I read all of your posts. In some you mention holding down Shift and in others, you mention holding down ctrl. Which? Both?

                         Holding down the shift key while dragging a layout object still constrains the direction to only horizontal or only vertical motion.

                         But FileMaker 12 DID break the ability to hold down the ctrl AND shift keys while dragging to make a duplicate copy of the layout object and still constrain the drag direction. This has been previously reported.

                         The best work around, that I've found is to ctrl drag the object a few pixels to duplicate it, release it then click and drag again--using the new "guides" to align the duplicated object with existing objects on the layout.

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                           indeed, it wasn't the shift, but CTRL, my bad...

                           anyway, I included a screenshot.  In FM11 I aligned this kind of fields with CTRL+DIRECTION (so LEFT, UP, DOWN or RIGHT), this was fast and easy.  I do not understand how I can align this without that functionality.  If I use only the direction buttons this shifts the field with a certain amount of space, but before I could align these with the CTRL+DIRECTION to really "fine tune" the fields on the layout.

                           So to clarify, I DO NOT WANT TO DUPLICATE OR RESIZE, but ALIGN the fields on the layout related to the other fields on the layout..

                           thanks for your help,


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                             By "direction" do you mean pressing an arrow key while holding down the control key? Exactly how are you doing that?

                             I've been trying to reproduce this behavior in Windows XP on FileMaker 11 and can't get any such behavior on my system.

                             One way that you can align them in both versions is to select them all and then use the alignment tools on the Inspector's position tab. If I want to change the position of an object by just a single pixel--often useful for "fine tuning" a  layout design, I select the object and press an arrow key without holding down any modifier keys such as shift or ctrl.

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                               Hi Dennis

                               I came across this thread searchin for a solution to the same issue. I have found the solution now, and even though this thread is old I post it here for anyone strugling with the same thing.

                               Go to Inspector -> Grid. Switch to unit designation other than "cm" by clicking on it. That's it, now nudging using arrow keys will be pixel-perfect. I think this answers why the other contributers above do not understand why you have a problem with this. Their setting is not "cm".

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                                 Hi all,
                                 Jon, thanks a lot for your post -- very interesting !
                                 Thanks to you, i understood that Arrow keys increment are now, with FM12, related to the measure unit (that we can change on the inspector where you showed, but also at numerous other places)...
                                 Increments are following :
                            FileMaker 12
                                 Pt = 1 Pt
                                 Po = 0.014 Po (1 Pt)
                            Cm = 0.1 Cm (2,835 Pt)
                            FileMaker 11
                                 Px = 1 Px
                                 Po = 0.014 Po (1 Px)
                            Cm = 0.035 Cm (1 Px)
                                 So i guess this change with Cm is due to the new accurracy with Pt unit, but isn't it a little weird ?
                                 Anyways, if i read the original post, i don't see the matter because none special key was required before, with FM11, since the Cm arrow keys increment was as precise as others...
                                 Is Dennis making a confusion between dragging object, where the alt special key was useful (but not anymore with FM12 because of new magnetic grid capability), and Arrow keys ? If true, this confusion is maybe due to this new FM behavior with Cm measure unit...
                                 Bye, Fred
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                                   Hi Fred

                                   I agree, it is weird that choosing Cm makes the arrow key steps larger than 1pt. The least value that is accepted is 0,035 cm, equal to 1 pt. But still it jumps 3 pt when nudging by arrow keys. Looks like a bug to me.

                                   I've been away from FM for several years (I have a love / hate relationship, gave up on it due to FileMaker Inc's almost fanatic reluctancy to implement certain functions you take for granted in all other database developer environments. Could write a book about that, but I am not going to get started here :)

                                   So I don't know how things behave in 11. But I vaguely remember having used a modifier key to override the grid increments when I used FM before. But it might just as well have been in a completely different application.

                                   However, in FM12, if you want to override the automatic alignment feature (temporarily disable it), you can hold down the Command key while dragging an object.


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                                          Hi Jon,
                                          Thank your for your answer. I cannot talk about the first part of your post ;-)...
                                          But for the second part, you are right one more time ! After all of my tests yesterday, i made a mistake on my last post :
                                                where the alt special key was useful (but not anymore with FM12 because of new magnetic grid capability)
                                I was wrong : it is still useful to override the magnetic grid. This principle is exactly the same than older version.
                                          As you just stated, [Command] key still can be used for override this grid increments. That is for Mac OS. For Windows, like for Dennis, the equivalant key is [alt]. This equivalance is true on FM12 but was also true on prior versions...
                                          But, one more time, all this is true when dragging objects only. Not for arrow keys.
                                          Bye, Fred