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Layout Dropdown not showing all layout folders

Question asked by johnm on Jan 17, 2012
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Layout Dropdown not showing all layout folders


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Description of the issue

I know there's a limitation of viewing 255 layouts in the layout dropdown on windows, but I was under the impression there wasn't a limitation on the mac.
I currently have 56 layout folders with subfolders in each, but when I click on the Layout dropdown in the GUI, it only shows the first 17 layout folders. I added a layout and that shows below the 17th folder, but none of the other folders show up.
In my original file I created a folder with two subfolders, then duped and renamed the copy of the main folder and kept repeating the process until I had all of the folders. If I manually create all of the main folders (no duping), I can see more than 17 folders. Looks like a bug!


Steps to reproduce the problem

1. Create a folder, then create two subfolders.
2. Duplicate the main folder and rename.
3. Repeat the process until you have more than 17 main folders.

Only the first seventeen folders will show.

Expected result

To see all 56 layout folders.


Manually create each folder and subfolder.