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Layout Folders limitations

Question asked by on Jun 2, 2011
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Layout Folders limitations


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

WinXP Pro (SP3) / WinVista

Description of the issue

There appears to be a limitation of the number of folders that can be viewed for layouts. I have created folders and subfolders to organize layouts in both new and existing files. I have a solution that has more than 400 layouts. If I select a layout from the drop-down list, and that layout number is greater than 255, you will be presented with the last layout in the file. If you know the layout number for the layout you wish to view, you can enter that number and it will go to the correct layout. I'm sorry, but I don't keep up with layout numbers, I use layout names. At first I thought that I had a corrupted layout, but experimentation showed that the problem arose only after I exceeded that magical 255 number.

Steps to reproduce the problem

I have tried file recovery, and no problems were found with the file. I have tried deleting layouts beginning with layout #256, but the result was the same.