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    Layout for report tab deleted



      Layout for report tab deleted


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      I have recently started helping a non-profit with Filemaker Developer 7. Wanting to delete a report, I hit the report tab, highlighted the report(layout) to delete, and deleted. To my horror, not the report but entry into the reports tab was deleted. How can I restore this. I have a recent but not uptodate copy of the file.

      Expected result

      Report tab entry restored

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      This operation could not be completed because the target is not part of a related table

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          If the copy has this same report tab, you can copy and paste it from the older copy to your current copy.

          In the future, I suggest you make and keep many sequential back up copies of your file. That way you can more easily recover from these types of mistakes.

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            Thanks Phill I have instigated better backup procedures. I need an idiots step by step guide on the copy and paste as I don't know exactly where to cut and paste as I have tried doing this from tab to tab in layout mode but my "bad" report button now has <Unrelated Table> printed over the Reports buttom.

            I would appreciate your help on this as we can't use the system as it is

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              I may have misunderstood your original report. What exactly do you mean by "I hit the report tab"?

              I assumed you had deleted a tab control from your layout and this could be easily copied and pasted (while in layout mode) to put it back in your current copy of the file, but now this doesn't sound to me like that's what you did here.

              Did you delete an entire layout?