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    layout issues



      layout issues


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      winows 7

      Description of the issue

      where can I find the print settings because in the preview and in the print settings the print page is only half printed.

      my other issue is..how do I get the borders of all my fields show up on my printed page instead of just the inputed information that goes in the field. basically how do I format my database to print the shapes over all my pages when printed

      Expected result

      know how to format the printed age that it shows the whole page and it not chopped in half and print all my boundaries around my fields


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          Report An Issue is intended for Reporting Possible Software bugs. Questions on how to work with FileMaker Pro should be posted in the FM Pro Forum Section. (See tab at top of this screen.)

          We windows users don't get printer drivers that allow us to specify a scaling percentage to fit a layout to the printed page. You will need to modify the layout to fit the printable area specified by:

          Page size and orientation specified in print setup
          The maximum "printable area" your print driver supports (this will be less than the actual piece of paper) OR the margins specified for your layout in Layout Setup..

          If you use Print setup to select printer, page size, page orientation while in layout mode, you should see a dark vertical line on your layout marking the current right hand limit to what can be printed. A similar horizontal line will show you the page breaks that will separate what portion of your layout will print on each page.

          how do I get the borders of all my fields show up on my printed page

          Enter layout mode. Select a field. Go to the appearance tab of the inspector and specify borders in the Line part of the "Graphic" section of this tab. You can specify border width, color and whether the top, bottom, right, left borders are visible. Also make sure that the Delinieate option is not selected in layout setup or what you specify will not show for every record when printing multiple records in the same print job.