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Layout objects not editable?

Question asked by disabled_JustinClose on May 1, 2013
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Layout objects not editable?


FileMaker Pro


12.03 & 12.04

Operating system version

10.6.8 and 10.8.3

Description of the issue

At times a layout object appears to be non-editable when it comes to text formatting options:  Font options are grayed out and non-responsive to clicks, text positioning (center, left, etc), font size, etc.  These controls, usually in just the formatting bar on the main layout (i.e. NOT in the Inspector) are grayed out and non-responsive.  This happens on text objects, fields, buttons, etc.  Similar to when certain types of objects are selected (e.g. graphics), the formatting bar stays grayed out, but it an object that SHOULD be editable.

Attached screen shot is of a simple text field that was selected.  Shows formatting bar as grayed out, and I attest that clicking the various button does nothing.  I clicked around a few times on other objects, came back to this one, no dice.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Don't have specifics, sorry.  It just crops up periodically.  Frequently enough that it is annoying.

Well, just came upon one.  Don't know if these steps are universal, but they were what was happening in this case:

Click in a blank header area.  Click on text object A:  object is non-editable.  Click on text object B, object IS editable.  Click back on object A, object IS editable.

Click in blank area of the header.  Click on Object B:  non-editable.  Click Object A: editable.  Click on Object B again: editable. 

Etc.  I could repeat that multiple times.

Expected result

Editable properties

Actual result

Non-editable properties


Clicking around on other things, sometimes can use the Inspector instead of the bar (although I think that I have run into cases where even the Inspector is grayed out).  Again, not real sure, but I do get around it eventually.