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    Layout objects should keep their positions when copying/pasting



      Layout objects should keep their positions when copying/pasting


      FileMaker Pro


      12, 11, 10, 9 …

      Operating system version

      Mac OS X, Windows …

      Description of the issue

      Layout objects should keep their positions when copying/pasting. Everybody has been complaining about this problem since … forever!!!

      Could you have this fixed … like two, three years ago?

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Copy some object in a layout, and then paste it back in. Watch it repositioning at "random" coordinates.

      Expected result

      Pasted with the same layout position as original object(s) – of course. I don't know of any other application that behaves so badly in the year 2013, not even from Microsoft(!).



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          Steve Wright

               To add to this,

               This issue is in even more need of rectifying now that you cannot simply enter values into the position fields of inspector when the objects copied are ungrouped.  Grouping is not always an option since it can modify the stacking order.

               Another change in 12 for the worst, I dont see why they had to change the way positioning (display and editing) worked from 11 to 12. 

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                 Rulle Boer:

                 Thank you for the post. 

                 Can you test this in FileMaker Pro 12v3?

                 If you do not mouse click between copying and pasting, then FileMaker will position the copied object down and to the right of the original object.

                 If you copy, delete the copied object, and then paste, the object is placed exactly where the old object was located.

                 If you mouse click after copying before pasting, then the pasted object's center will appear at the pointer position of the last mouse click.

                 To test, I created two new database files in FileMaker Pro 12v3. The files are named copy.fmp12 and paste.fmp12. 

                 I entered layout mode in copy.fmp12 and placed an image file in the middle of my layout. I entered browse mode and saved the layout. 

                 I entered layout mode again and copied the image on the layout using Command-C (Control-C on Windows), and changed to the window for the file paste.fmp12. 

                 I entered layout mode in paste.fmp12 and pasted the image using Command-V (Control-V on Windows).

                 The results of my testing:

                 The image maintained its original proportions and appeared on the paste.fmp12 layout with identical position coordinates shown in the inspector to the copy.fmp12 file. 

                 If I perform the same test, but first click anywhere on the layout in paste.fmp12, then when I paste the image, its center appears where my mouse pointer last clicked.

                 Are the results of your tests different?


                 FileMaker, Inc.

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                   Perhaps my results would be the same as your's, but does it matter? Who wants that behavior anyway? Filemaker behaves in such a strange way that your customers are complaining and going nuts over it … for years and years. They even go so far to invent clever workarounds and discussion groups … for generations of your app.

                   Is the odd behavior justified? No way, not even close.  This is a situation shared by almost all apps out there that have copyable objects. And you don't see them display such a wierd solution, do you? As a matter of fact, nearly all of them has adopted the same behavior … nice huh? It's called useability standards, and people love them. Some companies, like Apple, even promote them.

                   And when you're at it, you could also take a look at such other simple things as shift-option-dragging an object. What's supposed to happen when you do that maneuver? … (paus for you to think) … Yeas, exactly. But what does Filemaker do? The list of quirkiness could go on and on.

                   So Filemaker, get into the game and get up to date. It's 2013 now, and not even we engineers want strange custom solutions anymore … especially if they don't give us the intended results even after sillions of attempts. We are many users that are just waiting for you to do a complete overhaul of the user interface of Filemaker (incl the entire GUI architecture). Maybe you should take a look at some other apps for a change. Or maybe you should try recruit a "product owner" with some professional skills. I don't know … it's your product … and you shape it as you wish.