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Layout positions and sizes for objests automatically use decimal values when using selector...

Question asked by EricWhittaker on Nov 10, 2014
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Layout positions and sizes for objests automatically use decimal values when using selector **handles** (Previously I called Grippers) outlining the selection in Windows and OSX version


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Windows 7 (64-bit) & OSX 10.9.5 Mavericks (64-bit)

Description of the issue

When re-sizing multiple objects via the grippers (the handles surrounding your selection, the position value and size value change to values with decimals. After you re-size, (because they are decimals) the dynamic guides can not work which makes that feature virtually impossible to use. Nothing can line up on a value that is of whole numbers if it is positioned with a position value that is a decimal.

Steps to reproduce the problem

1. Open a solution with either Windows or OSX versions of FileMaker Pro 13

2. Create 2 fields
(Size 10pt x 10pt)

(Font size should be set to 6 as to not interfere with this example. If you do not change the font size the field will automatically adjust the height to fit the font size)

(Zoom in to see. I am using this size to keep the math simple)

3. Align one field on the left and one on the right with 10pt of space in between them. Making sure there position from top is the same for both fields.

4. Select both field objects

5. Using the right center handle* on the selection (Previously called the Grippers)and drag to the right 1pt to increase the width by 1pt.

(you will first notice that the height of the field has automatically changed to 16 or 17pt if you have NOT changed the font. If you already did that as directed above then we can move on)

(after dragging to the right to increase the width of the selection by one point you should now see that both fields width is now a decimal value of 10.333, and when you look at the position values you will also see a decimal value in respect to your position you put the field objects originally)

6. Now Create another field object making this one
(10pt x 10pt)
Now try to align it to center above either of the first 2 field objects that have been resized.

(you will see that the newly created object is unable to use the dynamic guide to align to center. Making the Dynamic guide tool useless)

Expected result

Be able to re-size multiple fields with the selection handles* (Previously called the grippers) and have the corresponding height, width, and position dimension be of a whole number value so you can still align it to other whole number valued objects with the dynamic guids.

Actual result

Every time I re-size Multiple objects with the selector handles* (Previously called the grippers) the field objects height or width value changes to a decimal value, leaving it unable to align to any whole valued sized object using the dynamic guides.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

N/A (no error message) N/A

Configuration information

Only configuration of the fields as explained in steps above.


Don't re-size Multiple objects with the selector handles* Only re-size and position objects individually or by inputting values directly in to the size values in the inspector.