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    Layout:  Selecting objects



      Layout:  Selecting objects


      FileMaker Pro



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      Mac OS 10.6.8

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      If anyone is listening and wants to help make editing easier, could you make a small change BACK to the way selecting objects was in Version 11?

      I really liked not moving an object to the back just to select something in front:
        • Example:  I make a form.  The form has a border.  The form has underlines and other, unfilled, boxes within the border.  I really would like to be able to select an object within a hollow (unfilled) object without the jumping though all sorts of hoops (deciding when to use the command and command shift (multiple objects).

      Designing software that requires 'work arounds' is amateur at best.

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               Not sure how much this helps, but if you hold down the control key while dragging to create a selection box, you get the original selection behavior.

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                 Well, that would be nice, but you are totally wrong.  

                 Open a FMPro file in version 12.  Go to layout mode.  Write some text, draw a line, anything on the page.  Make several of them close tegther.  Now, select the tool that makes boxes.  Draw an 'unfilled'  box around the whole thing.  Try to select something inside the box.  The new version acts as if everything is filled.  You CANNOT SELECT anything in the box without first moving it to the back.  

                 If I create a text field and don't like how it underlines or outlines, and I put my own underline on the text field where i think it should be, I have to put that line under the text field or I cannot select the text field to move it. (without jumping through a lot of hoops.)  If I want to select just the line, now I have to move the text to the back.  If I have a complex layout, and trust me, I have some complex files, this is a major pain in the ass.  

                 I would like the old way of selecting objects.  The new version 12 sucks for editing.

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                   Please see the attached screen shot. I added a "no fill" rectangle to the layout so that it surrounded the field and label text on the layout. I then held down the control key, clicked in the open space just below the "intro" field and dragged up and to the left until the selection box (dark grey in color) surrounded the fields and layout text inside the box, but did not surround the rectangle object. A shown in the screen shot, this selected all the objects that were surrounded by the selection box without selecting the rectangle layout object--exactly like it would have in FilMaker 11 and older.

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                     Well, you're wrong.  You did not read the instructions.  You made the box first.  Of courde you can select things on top.  The box is 'behind' your objects in the back now.

                     Send all of those objects you just selected to the back.  Or, conversely, bring the 'hollow' unfilled border to the front.  Now try it.  You cannot select those objects by themselves.  The border selects first.  I don't care what buttons you hold down or other work arounds you come up with, it's a stupid change to the software.

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                       I did not make the box first. I added it to an existing layout in my Known Bugs List database..

                       The box is on top.

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                         I have some very complex layouts with a lot of fields.  The new version 12 prevents me from selecting items within hollow fields without first sending the hollow field to the back.  Then, I need to reselect the hollow field to bring it back to the front.  Sometimes, that requires sending to the back everything I select in an attempt to get my hollow field back to where I want it.

                         The only work around is the command button and 'sweeping' from outside to inside like you did.  Sometimes I can get what I want, sometimes not.  

                         1. Create a hollow, unfilled box.  

                         2. within the box. put an object.  pick anything you like.  

                         3.  now, select the object by just touching it with the mouse.  no problem.

                         4.  send the object to the the back.

                         5. touch outside to deselect everything.

                         6. now try to touch the object you just sent back.  the outside box is selected.  

                         7.  Now pick any set of buttons you want.  try to select the object in the box.  The box is selected.  Not the object.

                         8.  Now, hold down the command button and sweep the mouse over the object within the box.  Presto.  it works. (this is what you did in your example) 

                         9. This 'feature' is unacceptable to me.  It creates an order of magnitude more work than necessary.

                         For simple forms. this is easy.  For complex forms, it's a pain in the ass.  I have some forms with so many objects on them (over 300 fields and as many objects) that finding an empty space to begin the sweep is impossible.  

                         I can edit in version 11 hundreds of times faster than in 12.  Someone made a big mistake trying to make FileMaker better with this 'feature.'

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                           Updaters for FileMaker 12.03 were released just today. In the release notes, I see what could be a description of the problem you are having with a notation that this update addresses this issue. Please download and install the updater and let us know if it resolves the issue for you or not.

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                             I downloaded the file.  When I tried to open it, I got the message

                             fm_updater_12.0.3.32 error -4960

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                               That's typical of a file that failed to download successfully. I'd try downloading a new copy of the updater. Don't get your hopes up. My tests don't reveal any change in the selection behavior when it comes to transparent objects on top of other objects. (I can use a ctrl key modified selection box to select items under the object, but I can't click them directly.)

                               I have found another work around that may help make this a bit less of a problem: Lock the transparent object and then select with the selection box. The selection box will initially select the transparent object but "drops" it once the selection box selects at least one unlocked object.

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                                 Currently downloading again.  It's at 1.26 GB of 557 MB and counting.

                                 Something is not right.

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                                   I got it downloaded and it seems to work OK.  Haven't had much time to play with it.