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    LayoutObjectNames error with certain file names



      LayoutObjectNames error with certain file names

      Description of the issue

      FileMaker Product(s) involved:(only tested with) FileMaker Pro 10.0v3 + 11.0v1 Operating System(s) involved:Mac OS 10.5.8 Detailed description of the issue:Using the build-in function LayoutObjectNames will not return anything when the file name includes a dot besides the ".fp7". Exact steps to reproduce the issue:Create a new database with a name that includes a dot, like "test.v1.fp7"Add some layout objects and give them object names, e.g. a tab control with three tabs named "A", "B", "C" and the same object names.Open the data viewer and enter a new expression: "LayoutObjectNames( Get( FileName ); Get( LayoutName ) )"Expected Result:ABC Actual Result:Nothing (an empty string) Exact text of any error message(s) that appeared:N/A Any workarounds that you have found:Removing the dot in the file name or replacing it with an underscore ("test_v1.fp7") will act (just) as a workaround.

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          Hi Arnold,


          this is a confirmation for me (old Windows freak), that the old convention not to use dots in a filename is right.


          If not "right", then precautious.


          At the moment, mac runs on an Unix system, the precaution turned to be an obligation (I would say).

          It remembers me on something ...

          When a dot was used in a filename, but within 4 places far from the extention dot, some function didn't work, but if it's more than 4 places, then it worked.

          Nicolaus and I wrote about it.


          Maybe the bug is still existing for all those cases ...


          Try it :-D


          With this_is_my_file.12345.fp7, the function will work.

          With this_is_my_file.1234.fp7, the function will not work.


          First problem: Fabrice Ricker (April 2006) FileMaker-Version: 8.02 ... FieldType ( FileName ; FieldName )

          Second problem: Nicolaus Busch (December 2006) FileMaker 8.5 ... FieldNames ( FileName ; LayoutName )


          Next week in Zürich, I presume?

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            About dots in file names: personal I could avoid it. But some clients have their own filing system. And debugging this bug is a time-waster: how could I know that a different file name is the cause of a 'damaged' database, meaning, functions are not behaving than they used to do.



            You work longer with FileMaker than I do. That gives you an advantage detecting bugs. And I am not even talking about printing problems. ;-)


            And yes, Zürich it is!



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              Thank you for your post.


              This problem has been previously reported, and the suggestion from Testing is that "test.v1.fp7" is a file "test" with the extension .v1.fp7.


              However, the additional information from "fabricker" shows something that contradicts this, so I have sent both posts to our Development and Software Quality Assurance (Testing) departments for further comment.  I will keep you posted.



              FileMaker, Inc.

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                all good, yes AVOID dots in filenames altogether. Now agree with TSGal (tested in 12) - doesn't work with any .dot before .fp12 etc. So for versioning some other mechanism desired. Was puzzled by this for a little while! ;)