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Left Mouse-Click on any field sends you to the first record

Question asked by AndrewMontemayor on Dec 5, 2012


Left Mouse-Click on any field sends you to the first record


FileMaker Pro


12 v.03

Operating system version

Windows XP 64 bit

Description of the issue

When you are on any record, old or new, and you left-click with the mouse on a field, Filemaker Pro takes you to the first record. The layout you are on remains the same, yet the data within the fields belongs to the first record, as you are on the first record.

The problem happens randomly, but often. I am able to reproduce the error in only one particular scenario. But, I am not able to replicate the error that is occuring randomly.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Lock and Hide the toolbar, first.

Second, go to a portal with multiple records shown.

Use the mouse scroll wheel to scroll through the records (there must be enough records to be able to scroll).

Then, left click on a record, and you will have this error.

Configuration information

The database is designed using Filemaker Pro Advanced.

We have a Remote Server running Filemaker Pro, with users connecting to Filemaker Pro.

Then, the users will use Open Remote to open the database hosted by Filemaker Server, running on a separate server.

The problem occurs with Filemaker Pro through Remote Desktop window, and does not occur through Filemaker Pro Advanced installed on my machine. Not sure if it is due to the different between Pro & Pro Advanced, or if the difference is between going through Remote Desktop versus having it installed on my machine.

All the fields that are Browseable are setup correctly using the Tab Layout. Yet, the problem happens with the user clicking on a field, not tabbing. The problem never occurs when the user tabs through the fields.


I added a script step so when the user is taken to the layout, the script step, "Go To Field," with no target, will run. This ensures that no field is active. The re-created problem goes away.

Yet, we still have the problem occurring randomly, for no rhyme or reason, when the user is already within a layout and simply clicking on a field.