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License conflict with myself

Question asked by nutsonshells on May 11, 2009
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License conflict with myself

Description of the issue

Hi, We have multiple databases hosted on our server and sometimes I am getting a license conflict with myself when I try to open an additional database from the server. I am using FM Advanced and it is a single license whereas all other users using a volume license, so they don't have the problem.Only one other person has the same problem sometimes as he is also using a single FM Advanced license. I checked all the external data sources, but they all look fine like:File Path: file: We have two IP addresses for opening files on the server, but even when using the same IP for all files it happens. Also I work sometimes from home and use a different IP for that, but as all File Paths are relative, it should not be a problem. What is the solution to fix this problem?It is quite annoying as it mostly requires to restart the computer. Thanks Regine