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      Had my operating system recently re-installed.  When I reinstalled File Maker and attempted to use my remote data base on the only other computer using the same license, I get the Too Many Licenses error message.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Happens each time I open FMP

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          If this is a single user license then this would be the expected result. You cannot simultaneously access a hosted database with two or more machines that have FileMaker installed with the same license key.

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            Thanks, but p. 8 of my user manual says that I can use my license for a host computer and one additional computer. This is how I have had it configured for several months, and only since reinstalling have I received this error message.

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              Yes, you can instll them on two machines without violating your end user license, but the assumption is that one is your backup install not that you will use them simultaneously on two different machines. You will not be allowed to connect simultaneously to the same hosted database.

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                Yeah - if I understand you correctly, that's what I do.  We have a host computer with our data base and I log into that on occassion from a remote computer.  No one is ever in the database simultaneously and there are only two computers in question.

                We are a small business and my boss insists that when we purchased FMP it came with a license for up to three computers - is that possible?  Also, is it possible that since I had the software associated with my remote (not host) computer and then had to re-install the program, that from your end it looks like I am trying to install it on an additional machine?

                Long story short, everything worked perfectly up until my Op-system was reinstalled.  If we need to purchase another license that's one thing, but why would it work before and not now?

                Thanks for your time!

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                  I don't work for FileMaker, but never heard of a license for just three computers. I thought volumne licenses were in multiples of 5, but then I don't know everything.

                  Best guess is thst you originally had two or more license keys, with a different one used on each computer and when you re-installed, you installed from the same license key as your other computer.