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Line dimension is 1 px off

Question asked by arnoldkegebein on Sep 9, 2011
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Line dimension is 1 px off


FileMaker Pro


9, … 11

Operating system version

MacOS, Win

Description of the issue

A line (layout object) is calculated wrong. The dimensions are 1 px off.

Steps to reproduce the problem

• Create a rectangle (any dimension).
• Create a horizontal line.
• Select both objects and resize their width (Arrange > Resize to > Smallest/Largest Width).
• Allign both objects (Arrange > Align > Left edges)

• Create a line object with 45° angle with the dimension 7 x 7 px.
• Duplicate the line object and rotate it by 90°.
• Select both line objects and align them horizontal and vertical.
• The Inspector will show the dimension of both object together as 7 x 7 px.
• Group both objects. The values in the Inspector will change to 8 x 8 px.

Expected result

Both objects should have the same width.

No changes in the dimension when you group both objects.

Actual result

The line object is actual 1 px wider than the box.

1. The width shown in the Inspector for both objects are the same, still, the line is visually 1 px wider than the rectangle.
2. When you drag the line object with the mouse, the Inspector will show a larger width (and height) for the line. It returns to the previous values when the mouse releases the line object.

Dimension change.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

No error message.


Use 1 px wide rectangles for horizontal or vertical lines.

No workaround for slanted lines.