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Line Length inconsistency

Question asked by LaRetta_1 on Apr 26, 2010
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Line Length inconsistency

Description of the issue

For those using prior versions of FileMaker (less than 11), you might have thought your lines were 990 px in length when they were actually 991.  This has been fixed in vs. 11 (the Object Info palette was mis-adding the numbers).  But all versions of FileMaker (at least on Windows) appear to be suffering from an additonal bug on line inconsistency.  Aligning objects and resizing windows are particularly affected. I have uploaded a document here which shows the issues. Briefly, if you increase the border on a rectangle, FM decreases the inside dimensions so that the outside overall size of the rectangle stays the same.  But with lines, the line thickness alone doesn't increase if you increase the line pt.  FM wraps the entire line with the increased thickness so a 300 px lines with border of 4 pt now becomes LONGER than the original.  The Object Info (Inspector) still shows the original number but items such as left align or resize to fit SEES the increase and doesn't respond as expected. I hope the PDF explains it.  Lines MUST size and align the same as rectangles and other objects.  And lines should never increase in length just because we are increasing the thickness of a line.  Please ask if anything is unclear.