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    Lion, Selecting last script in scrip window



      Lion, Selecting last script in scrip window


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Lion OSX

      Description of the issue

      Ca't select last script in script list if scroll bars present

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Open Manage scripts window. adjust, if needed, so vert. scroll bar shows

      Scroll to bottom and click once on last script

      Expected result

      It is selected/hilighted

      Actual result

      It is not selected

      Not a big deal but an annoyance that s/b fixed.


      Pick the next to last script and then the last script

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          Oliver Reid:

          Thank you for your post.

          I am unable to reproduce the problem with FileMaker Pro 11.0v3 and 11.0v4 under Mac OS X Lion.  Lion scroll bars should temporarily appear, but you should be able to select the last script step.  On a MacBook, when the scroll bar initially displays, I can scroll down to select the last line.  With a mouse attached, the scrollbar does not interfere.

          Any other information you can provide about your computing environment and System Preferences may help me replicate the issue.

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            Well I have just installed 11.04 and it is not a problem now.


            Note anther item:

            The "show Ommitted" green button ispart of th default contol set for the icon bar in a window. This part of the tool bar can always be unhidden by the user if even even "hide status area (lock)" has been executed. In that case the record selection by number tool is non functional but the green button still works. Is that expected? Is it the case that none of the toolber iocns (e.g. Send to pdf) will work if the correspoding menu item has been removed?

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              Oliver Reid:

              If you set the Status Toolbar to be hidden and locked, then the "green button" part of the records will not be shown.  Create a Menu set that removes Status Toolbar, and also remove the options for Omit Record and Omit Mulitple.  That way, the user has no way to select the Status Area, but if you gave them access, clicking the "green button" will result in no action.

              Your assumption is correct about corresponding menu item is either removed or set to execute a different command.

              FileMaker, Inc.