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List View Does Not Render Upper Right of Layout Header

Question asked by user14060 on Mar 25, 2014
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List View Does Not Render Upper Right of Layout Header


FileMaker Go


Go 13.0.2

Operating system version

iOS 7.1

Description of the issue

While in list view on a layout, the upper right corner (about 40 x 40 pixels) appears completely blank.

Steps to reproduce the problem

After taking a picture with the camera within FileMaker Go using the "Insert from Device" script step. All list views will have this problem. Options in this script step when issue was found:
Insert from Camera
Back Camera
Medium Resolution

Have not tested to see if changing these options have any effect.

Expected result

Upper right corner of the header layout part renders with the button object.

Actual result

All list views after using the Insert from Device script step fail to render the upper right corner of the header part of the layout. Clicking in the blank area where the button object

This button object is seen in FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced along with the rest of the layout elements without issue.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

No error message just blank upper right corner of layout.

Configuration information

Occurs with local file stored on iPhone with FM GO and also with local network shared from my computer. Have not tested to see if issue occurs from FileMaker Server.

Occurs in all layouts that are in list view on iPhone. If I switch the layout to form view it will not exhibit this issue.

I have created new layouts, changed theme. Saved changes to theme. No attempts has been successful to resolve.


Switching to "view as form" or moving the button to a different location away from the blank upper right area of the header.

Another workaround is if I make any slight change to header part in layout mode (make the header part larger, change the background color, etc. ) the issue will be resolved on the iPhone.

If I force quite out of FileMaker GO on my iPhone the issue is resolved as well but will return if I take another picture using "Insert from Device".