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little bug with FMPro10v3 on Mac

Question asked by DanielOuimet on Jul 16, 2009
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little bug with FMPro10v3 on Mac

Description of the issue

I have executed the v3 updated on all my Mac with FMPro10 and everything installed perfectly except that now when FMPro is running,the name of the application is now !  They are not the Advanced version, they all are normal Pro.   When I look atthe menu or go to the info, it really shows FileMaker Pro 10 (regular, not advanced), but the main menu of the Mac at the right of the applereally says   and this is an error. Will we see a v3a or v4 soon?  I can live with this minor glitch, the rest is OK!   My version :FileMaker Pro VLA running on MacOS X 10.5 (Intel) ThanksDaniel Ouimet