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local fmp12 file not always editable in FM Go

Question asked by ericpsmith on May 10, 2012
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local fmp12 file not always editable in FM Go


FileMaker Go



Operating system version

iOS 5.1.1

Description of the issue

- sometimes, a fmp12 file transferred from Mac to FM Go works fine, and sometimes it opens in a state where records cannot be modified or added
- same behavior whether file is transferred via Files Connect (iOS app) or via Safari on iPhone
- file appears in a separate Inbox section below other files listed in Files On Device screen
- deleting non-editable file from this FM Go Inbox, quitting FM Go, and then reopening fmp12 file from e.g. Files Connect results in its opening in a fully usable state in FM Go

Steps to reproduce the problem

- opening fmp12 file on a fresh launch of FM Go consistently WORKS FINE
- not sure of an exact trigger for the problem behavior, but it may be after using this file locally in FM Go, transferring it back to Mac & deleting copy in FM Go, and then transferring it back to FM Go again later for further mobile use
- in other words, first try from fresh launch always works fine, whereas second (or later?) try seems to be where problems crop up

Expected result

- expect fmp12 file to be editable in FM Go every time it is transferred from Mac

Actual result

- fmp12 file is only editable in FM Go sometimes (i.e. if I quit FM Go before opening it)

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

- all commands on the menu for +/- button are disabled
- trying to edit text an existing record produces a message saying something about file's being non-editable

Configuration information

- same behavior whether transferring fmp12 file from Mac to iPhone via Files Connect (an iOS app for accessing AFP file shares on Mac) or Safari (via link to file on web page hosted on Mac)
- never had this issue while using Files Connect for months transferring fp7 file to FM Go 11 on same iPhone
- fmp12 file has only a single Admin user with wide open access; settings haven't changed since file was created years ago, and seem to be ruled out anyway, based on simple workaround
- permissions on Mac are unchanged, and seem to be ruled out anyway, based on simple workaround


- quitting FM Go in iPhone multitasking bar before transferring file from Files Connect works perfectly every time