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Login problems after Mac workstation logout / reboot

Question asked by sraDBAdmin on May 8, 2014
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Login problems after Mac workstation logout / reboot


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Mac OSX 10.8.5

Description of the issue

We currently use FM 12 with FMS 12 on our mac network.  FM user accounts are created using FMP Advanced under Manage/Security.  The established account name / password works until the user reboots their machine or logs off their workstation.

After reboot / logout the FM database doesn't recognize the account name / password that was set in the security settings…and that was working as expected before logout.  Instead it prompts the user to "set" a new password by entering their previous password and entering a new password twice.  If the user attempts to reset the password they receive a notice that they are not allowed to change their password.

We have quadruple checked that we are using the correct login information.  We currently have 3 users and ALL of them experience this problem after logout / reboot.

Steps to reproduce the problem

1.  Set up user in the Manage / Security settings tab
2.  Log in to FM database with account name and password
3.  Log in works as expected
4.  Log out of (or reboot) workstation
5.  Log back into workstation
6.  Log into FM database with same account name and password that previously worked

Expected result

Expected result is that the user can successfully log in using the credentials that were set up in Manage / Security--and that has been previously tested and worked properly.

Actual result

User is shown a "change password" dialog window prompting them to enter their old password, and to enter a new password twice.  They are not able to complete this step because their accounts do not allow password changes.

Configuration information

I deleted any saved passwords for our DB under the Mac Utility / Keychain app to be sure that it was not interfering.  This did not change the behavior.

The issue only happens when a user performs a full logout (ex: via the Apple Icon / Logout "XX") or a reboot.

The problem does NOT happen when a user sets their workstation to require a password after "X" minutes of sleep time (System Preferences / Security & Privacy / General).  This does not log the system off the network, just prompts for a password to display the screen again.


The only workaround is to have administrator delete that user's account under Manage / Security.  DB admin then re-creates the account with the same account login and password. 

The user can then login without problems until they log out of their workstation or reboot their machine.