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    Login problems after Mac workstation logout / reboot



      Login problems after Mac workstation logout / reboot


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Mac OSX 10.8.5

      Description of the issue

      We currently use FM 12 with FMS 12 on our mac network.  FM user accounts are created using FMP Advanced under Manage/Security.  The established account name / password works until the user reboots their machine or logs off their workstation.

      After reboot / logout the FM database doesn't recognize the account name / password that was set in the security settings…and that was working as expected before logout.  Instead it prompts the user to "set" a new password by entering their previous password and entering a new password twice.  If the user attempts to reset the password they receive a notice that they are not allowed to change their password.

      We have quadruple checked that we are using the correct login information.  We currently have 3 users and ALL of them experience this problem after logout / reboot.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      1.  Set up user in the Manage / Security settings tab
      2.  Log in to FM database with account name and password
      3.  Log in works as expected
      4.  Log out of (or reboot) workstation
      5.  Log back into workstation
      6.  Log into FM database with same account name and password that previously worked

      Expected result

      Expected result is that the user can successfully log in using the credentials that were set up in Manage / Security--and that has been previously tested and worked properly.

      Actual result

      User is shown a "change password" dialog window prompting them to enter their old password, and to enter a new password twice.  They are not able to complete this step because their accounts do not allow password changes.

      Configuration information

      I deleted any saved passwords for our DB under the Mac Utility / Keychain app to be sure that it was not interfering.  This did not change the behavior.

      The issue only happens when a user performs a full logout (ex: via the Apple Icon / Logout "XX") or a reboot.

      The problem does NOT happen when a user sets their workstation to require a password after "X" minutes of sleep time (System Preferences / Security & Privacy / General).  This does not log the system off the network, just prompts for a password to display the screen again.


      The only workaround is to have administrator delete that user's account under Manage / Security.  DB admin then re-creates the account with the same account login and password. 

      The user can then login without problems until they log out of their workstation or reboot their machine.

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               Thank you for your post.

               Is there any startup script?  If so, what does the startup script do?  Are there any "Change Password" script steps?

               In your Security settings for the account, do you have the option checked for "User must change password on next login"?  If so, and after the password has changed, this box should be unchecked.  Can you verify?

               FileMaker, Inc.

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                 Thank you for your response.

                 There is a startup script on first window open that sets any globals / prefs.  It also selects which menu set to install and which dashboard to open based on what privilege set a user has.

                 There are no password change script steps.  The box to prompt a user to change password at logon is unchecked.  

                 In the privilege set for the user, the box to allow user to modify their own password is unchecked.


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                   Thank you for the additional information.  However, if the user is prompted to change the password, is this a FileMaker dialog box or a system dialog box.  See the screen shot below for the FileMaker Change Password dialog box.  Is this what is being displayed?  If so, then there is something in the file or script being accessed that is prompting this change.  Since you have FileMaker Pro Advanced, turn on the Script Debugger and step through the script as it opens.  This may be caused by other files being opened with startup scripts.

                   Continue to keep me updated.

                   FileMaker, Inc.

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                     Yes, this is the change password window that shows up.  I have opened the debugger and it runs through my startup script (which calls a few other short scripts).  I do not see any Password related script steps:

                     I have taken a screen shot of all scripts that run on open.  After these run the appropriate dashboard is loaded and no further "startup" type scripts run (see screenshot).

                     The script debugger did not find any errors.  I didn't see any password related steps there either.  This issue doesn't happen every time the user enters the database--only after the user reboots or logs off their machine.

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                       If the FileMaker Change Password screen appears on a user's machine, temporarily install FileMaker Pro Advanced on that machine, show the Script Debugger, and open the file.

                       In the Relationships graph, are there any links to other FileMaker files?  If so, are there any startup scripts on those files?

                       FileMaker, Inc.

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                         Hi TSGal,

                         I did use the user's login on my own version of FMP Advanced.  I have attached a screen shot of the script debugger for the startup process.

                         The user came to me this morning and said that she was unable to log in again today, even though I had deleted and re-created the user account yesterday.  She did not log out or reboot and the computer simply went into sleep mode.  She did get a message this morning when awakening her computer that the connection to our server had been interrupted.  

                         It seems that any loss of connection to our server (and presumably to FMS)---whether it is from rebooting, logging out, or any other server disconnection causes this problem.  Could this be a FMS issue?  We have not added any features that would require a user to change their password, and in fact we have set all user policies to not allow users to make password changes.

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                           As you stepped through the script, were you ever prompted for the password change?

                           Again, in the Relationships graph, are any other files being accessed?

                           FileMaker, Inc.

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                             Hi TSGal,

                             I tried logging into my workstation as one of the affected users (I am running FM Pro Advanced).  The change password dialog comes up before ANY scripts are called according to the Script Debugger.  It even comes up before I get the dialog that asks for an administrator password for permission to view the script debugger window.  I have attached a screen shot of the Change Password dialog window, which is over the script debugger window so you can see that there have been no scripts called.

                             If I try to enter a new password I am told that the user does not have permissions to change passwords--which is correct because that is the security setting for user accounts.  It then denies the change and goes back to the FileMaker Quick Start screen.  No scripts are accessed at any point.

                             We do not have any other databases that are linked to or pulled into this database.  It is a single database hosted on Filemaker Server.  The problem only happens when users log out of our network through either a log off, reboot, or if our network server connection is disrupted.

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                               Thank you for the information.

                               If the password change is presented before any script is run, then check the account settings and double-check the "User must change password on next login" is not checked.  As you mentioned in a previous post this checkbox was unselected, try selecting it and saving the changes, and log into that account again.  Once done, then go back in and unselect it and save it.

                               If this issue still occurs, run a Recover on the file.  Open the Recovered file and see if the problem persists.

                               Continue to keep me updated with any progress.

                               FileMaker, Inc.

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                                 Good Morning,

                                 I wanted to give some time to be sure that our problem was resolved.

                                 Our original security settings did not have the "user must change password" option selected.

                                 I followed your suggestion to select the "user must change password" option.  I saved the changes, and had the user log into their account.  They were prompted to change their password, and after doing so they were able to log in.

                                 After they performed the password change I went back to Security settings and de-selected the "user must change password" box and reset the password to what we originally wanted.  All users can now log in consistently using their original passwords.

                                 I have no idea what triggered the issue to begin with, but I'm very glad to have it resolved.  Thank you for your help!