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    Long time to open and shut down



      Long time to open and shut down


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Windows XP Pro Service pack 3

      Description of the issue

      Used old layout that was made in Filemaker 4 and converted to Filemaker 11 now when I open my database it takes around 2 minutes for the file to open and Filemaker says Not Responding.  Then finally opens.  When I then try top access a relationshiped database file it does the same things takes like 2 minutes for each one to open up.  Once all are open it seems to work good.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Open database

      Expected result

      Just as fast as Filemaker 4 would open the same database.

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          Files created by older versions of Filemaker such as FileMaker 4, often have very messy external data source references and may include formats that are not optimum for newer versions of FileMaker.

          Open Manage | External Data Sources... and check to see what you have there. If you see an entry where asterisks are used, update this external data source so that these references are no longer needed.

          If you see an IP address that isn't valid, remove or fix it.

          Both of these issues can result in major delays when opening your file.