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Look Up difficulties

Question asked by JamesWood on Nov 7, 2011
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Look Up difficulties


FileMaker Server



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Description of the issue

For some reason when creating a new field there are certain fields that need to relate to fields in a related file.
I don't understand what is happening since I have used Filemaker since it was an Apple product and have been able to create new flies in the past and relating them to other files.

Compounding the situation, I recently referred to the Fllemaker 11 training series and the associated disc, only to become more confused.

After modifying Files on the Server to create a new file format or in creating a new file on my PC, the result is the same.

In comparing these modified or new files with existing viable files, I can't find any discrepancies. Following the “Help” menu the result is the same. When I enter the Site ID Number in the Quote File that matches the Mailing ID in the Mailing List File, and I have linked the “Bill To “cell in the Mailing List with the Work Site cell in the Quote File. The Ship To information does not show up in the Quote File.