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    look up value



      look up value


      FileMaker Pro


      Ver. 9 & 11

      Operating system version

      Mac OS

      Description of the issue

      Could anyone help with the following task.
      I am trying to lookup a tax deduction. I create a table which list the range of income and deduction value (e.g. minIncome, MaxIncome, taxDeductionValue). I create another table which has InputIncome and DeductionResult.
      I want to have to the end result doing the following:  First I want input a value, then the system will automatically lookup the value range and generate a value deduction based on my table.
      Basically, a set of coding to do a tax deduction on an income.

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          This section of the forum is intended for reporting possible bugs with software from the FileMaker product line. Questions on how to use FileMaker should be asked in the FM Pro Forum. (and questions asked in that forum get quicker answers from more people too.)

          Define this relationship in Manage | Database | Relationships:

          Table1::InputIncome > Deductions::minincome AND
          Table1::InputIncome < Deductions::MaxIncome

          And use it for your looked up values.