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    Lookup but no drop down



      Lookup but no drop down


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      I have created a relation between the table [companies] and the table [persons]. Then I have defined the field [contactperson] in table [companies] as a lookup field looking up and importing data from the field [person ID] in the table [persons]. I would expect a drop down to be created in the targetfield, but nothing happens. Now I have tried to create a portal with a few person data fields from the table [persons] in the table [companies]. If i now enter a known valid person ID in the field [contactperson], the data shows up in the portal, so I would anticipate that the relation actually exists (may bee through the portal) but I can't figure out, why I then do not get any response (drop down or any other autofill mechanism) in the field [contactperson] , when I try to enter data in the field [contactperson]. Any suggetions out there

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          Drop down lists are formatting options that must be applied to a specific field you select for this format on your layout. They also require the creation of a value list set up to list the values you want to see in the drop down.

          The "looked up value" auto-enter option, what I think you described in your post, is a setting that copies data from a related record during data-entry. This often is used in conjuction with a drop down list formatted field that is used to select the appropriate related record, but it does not cause the creation of a drop down list automatically.

          You may want to look at this thread for more details on two approaches to setting up your layout so that selecting a value in the drop down causes the data from the related table to appear: 

          Auto Fill

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            Hi, and thank you for a very fast reply to my question. I have now solved the problem. I did not realise, that I had to perform a design task in order to get the drop down. Done now. It works perfectly. The thread you refer to gave a lot of related and relevant information. Thx again. BR AntonSmile