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Lookup Portal from active table

Question asked by LarsGrieten on Feb 12, 2013
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Lookup Portal from active table


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The problem I have is the following:
We have a procedure in which a patient is asked to ride a bike. Every 3 minutes the bike is increasing in resistance, and at each 3 minutes we record more than 300 parameters. So I have a relatational database in which the operator can populate 300 fields, and via a differentiator he can assign the difficulty level. All the data is stored in the same table. Every record has its unique ID, patient ID and the level of difficulty as differentiator.

To manage an overview for the operator i would like to create a lookup table/portal where the operator can see which levels he already has entered and possibly by button function to go back to the related record for editing or viewing(differes from patient to patient so a working down a checklist is not an option)

So when I create a portal i cannot select my active table. Is there a way around this problem?

If my problem is not clear please let me know so i can clarify

Thanks in advance!