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losing data on iOS

Question asked by Markus Schneider on May 1, 2013


losing data on iOS


FileMaker Go



Operating system version


Description of the issue

when editing/creating notes etc. in FMGo while there is another, separate table active that lies on a FMServer, You'll lose all of the data entered in a field when You're getting out of the FM-network

Steps to reproduce the problem

open a local FM db (on Your iOS device)
open a FM db that is hosted by FMServer, ie an inventory list of goods
go to the local db (leaving the remote one open, in the background)
type in some text in the local db, leave the cursor in that field

switch to another app, maybe sms, whatever

Now, maybe You're on a trainstation (WLAN from the Railway Company) - and the train leaves...
Go back to FMGo
-> message appears that FMGo tries to connect again to the FMServer, but can't
-> FMGo closes all db's, even the local one
=>> all Your data is lost, boom!

Expected result

local data is still there, local db still available

Actual result

all db's closed


take care to click outside of the field every now and then.
While this is a normal behavior on every Mac/PC version of FM, it's completely different on iOS - there You'll never lose data when on a local app/file