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Loss of data, layouts, scripts entered over last three days

Question asked by raysteggles on Oct 12, 2013
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Loss of data, layouts, scripts entered over last three days


FileMaker Pro


Advanced 12.0v4

Operating system version

OSX 10.8.5

Description of the issue

For several months, I have been developing a complex patient management system. Basic live data has been entered without problems. I have been developing multiple layouts, adding files and associated scripts and value lists.

These have been saved as I've continued adding and modifying, apparently with no problem. Data appeared to be accepted and data files were showing increasing numbers of records. I have some 'test patients' to check entry is as intended before going live with new layouts, and these were accepted and I could read them back. So all appeared to be functioning normally.

I use TimeCapsule every hour to backup changed files, and my hard disk is duplicated every 24 hours by SuperDuper.
This morning, on returning to Filemaker after closing my computer down last night, I find that the data and program is that of 3 days ago.

Everything entered since has been lost. That included live entry of patient data, as well as 24 hours of programming efforts.

The backups on Timecapsule show the files as having been last used 3 days ago, and the same with the SuperDuper disk copy.

Of course, this apparently random behaviour is of great concern, and puts in jeopardy the whole project and the continued use of Filemaker, unless there is a simple reason, and it can be prevented in future.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

No error messages have appeared

Configuration information

Configuration hasn't changed since starting the development process, other than OSX minor updates as they have become available.

No settings changes have been made in Filemaker since the development process began several months ago.


Saving copies of the database may be a possibility, however the time of the copy is no indication that it has the updated information. This could only be determined by opening and checking the latest entries every time, which is a time consuming and laborious process. This shouldn't really be necessary, if all is functioning as it should.