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Lost data in export file from FileExpress to Excel

Question asked by DonaldPackwood on Feb 21, 2012
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Lost data in export file from FileExpress to Excel


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Description of the issue

When exporting data to an Excel (*.xlsx) file records that have the same address information in the ADDRESS field are being truncated after the first occurrence of the same address. I the are additional same addressed in the file, only the first occurrence of each record with the same address appear in the exported file.  This is only occurring when using the EXPORT feature.  If I use the SAVE/SEND feature all of the records appear in the Excel file.  I currently have a data base with 1084 records.  I find and sort to get 687, sorted by zipcode.  The results in the EXPORT file only show 444, while the results in the SAVE/SEND file have all 687 records.

Steps to reproduce the problem

I use a database with the following fields: MAIL, NAME, ADDRESS1, ADDRESS2, CITY-ST-ZIP, ZIPCODE. The Mail field is a Y-N-E-O (yes, no, even, odd) used to determine when the mail occurs.

Enter records 1 through 10 with all different addresses, records 11 through 20 with different names, but the same addresses and alternate the process until the file is over 50 for test purposes you may want to add more.  Sort by the zipcode field.  Click on the FILE, EXPORT RECORDS and export the file to an Excel *.xlsx file.  Note that the records are only present with different addresses, no duplicates.

Using the same table and sort above, Click on FILE, SAVE/SEND RECORDS AS, EXCEL and save the file to an Excel *.xlsx file, now note the entire table is present with all the records including the records with different names, by the same adresses.

Expected result

I would expect the results to be the same in both the EXPORT RECORDS and the SAVE/SEND RECORDS AS fields generated, but the EXPORT feature is truncating the records even if the name field is different but the address field is the same.

Actual result

See expected results above

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

No error message


the workaround is to use the SAVE/SEND RECORDS AS... feature and save the Excel file instead of using the EXPORT RECORDS feature.