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    Lost file



      Lost file


      FileMaker Pro


      Flile maker pro 12

      Description of the issue

      We have recently been running file maker pro, however we have now run into some problems. Filemaker pro itself will open but not our database, which seems to have disappeared. If we search for it, it brings up the recover log. Has anyone experienced these issues? Or knows how I can recover our database.

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               Hi Robyn,

               I think you should use FM Pro Forum instead of Report an issue for that kind of problems. But anyways : 

               • Try the File menu command "Open Recent File" when FileMaker is open.

               • Check for a backup of your databases.

               • Note that you can perform find on your desktop or your server based on the .fmp12 extension on both Mac and PC Operating system. Thus, you will receive more results and have more chance to find your lost file.

               • If you find your file BUT you cannot open it because damaged, you can try the FileMaker Recover function. More info here : http://www.filemaker.com/help/html/recover.39.10.html#1029844

               Bye, Fred

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