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lost line when text field is break across pages in particular condition

Question asked by GianandreaGattinoni on Nov 24, 2011
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lost line when text field is break across pages in particular condition


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

wondows 7, windows vista

Description of the issue

Case: text field with slide up based on all objects above, inside the BODY with allow part to break across page boundaries.
When the text field has more than 1 line and the remain space in the page could fit only the first line of the field, the line is not printed, the field is break in the following page, a blank line is printed with the rest of the field. If the text field has just 1 line it is printed correctly.
i.e. text field contain 5 lines: if there is space just for one line in the page, there will be blank line in the page, a blank line in the following page and the printing starts from line 2 up to line 5. LINE 1 IS MISSED FROM PRINTING.
As in the attached image (export from an available text db ), in page there is not the line 1 of record 26 and the same in the top of following page. A blank line is printed instead (note the field space in the top of second page). Field borders in red.
The content of the text field is constructed like this:
     Record Number  - number of lines in the field - “line # “ line number
This problem seems not related to printers neither drivers because it was reproduced using no less than 7 different printers (real, virtual, pdf, standalone, networked).
It was not tested on any MacOs.

Steps to reproduce the problem

it is available a line test.fp7 db to reproduce the problem.
acts to have just 1 line space in the bottom of the page and the text field to be printed has more than 1 line.

Expected result

print all the lines in the text field

Actual result

missed the first line of the text field

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

no error messages


no workaround possible