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    Mac : OnTimer brings minimised window to the front

    Steve Wright


      Mac : OnTimer brings minimised window to the front


      FileMaker Pro


      FileMaker Pro 11v2 (and advanced)

      Operating system version

      OSX 10.6.4

      Description of the issue

      Apologies if this exists already..

      I have just noticed something which does not happen on Windows, this may have been brought up before but I have not found anything with a quick search.

      On Mac OSX if a solution has an OnTimer script trigger scheduled to run and the user minimises FileMaker, the triggered script will restore the window but not necessarily make FileMaker the active application.

      It is nothing in the script causing this, a simple exit script step causes the same behaviour.

      The problem is, if the user has chosen to hide the window whilst working in other applications then it should remain that way unless the user chose otherwise..

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Create a script
      Trigger it with an OnTimer script trigger
      Minimise FileMaker to the dock
      Open Safari (or anything else)
      Wait for the OnTimer to activate

      Expected result

      FileMaker's window to remain hidden, as they currently do on the Windows Platform.

      Actual result

      FileMaker's window will restore from minimised state, thankfully it will remain in the background (not active) however the window should not display if the user chose to hide / minimise it

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


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          Thank you for your post.

          I am unable to replicate the problem.  I am using FileMaker Pro Advanced 11.0v2 on Mac OS X 10.5.8 and Mac OS X 10.6.4.  Here are the steps I took.

          1. I opened a test file and created a script "Speak" as follows:

          Speak [ "This is a test." ]

          2. I created a second script, "OnTimer" as follows:

          Install OnTimer Script [ "Speak" ; 15 seconds ]

          3. For the first test, I launched the script "OnTimer", pulled down the Window menu and selected "Hide Window".  I switched to Safari.  The script "Speak" executed at 15 second intervals, Safari remained the active application, and the FileMaker window remained hidden.

          4. For the second test, I launched the script "OnTimer", selected the yellow button in the top left corner to hide the window in the dock.  Again, I switched to Safari and the script "Speak" executed at 15 second intervals like before.  Again, Safari remained the active application , and the FileMaker window did not unhide itself.

          5. I created a similar file on the second Mac and executed steps 2-4 above with the same results.

          6. I added "Exit Script" to the end of the "Speak" script with the same results.

          Let me know what I'm doing differently than you and I'll try to reproduce the problem here.  See if you can narrow down the script step(s) that cause this issue.

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            Steve Wright

            Hi TSGal, 

            Thanks for the response and my apologies for the delay in getting back to you... busy busy busy...

            I have spent a bit of time investigating further and it seems that the implementation of a workaround for flickering on Windows is causing the issue on the mac  : Windows Refresh Window[] flicker  

            I have now wrapped this work around in a get(systemPlatform) condition and my problem is solved, since the above work around is window specific and this issue is mac specific... lucky me :-P

            Anyway, when I stated that its nothing in the script I was wrong, its the pause/Resume step which brings the window to the front.

            Follow these steps to reproduce.

            Create a new file 
            Create a new script 'test'
            Add a Pause/Resume Script step (duration not important, I tried 0, 1, 2, 3)
            Save and close the script.
            Add a button to the layout to install an onTimer trigger to run the 'test' script every 10 seconds

            Click the button then minimise the window.

            You should observe FileMaker will restore its window but will remain behind any other windows (such as safari) you have open at the time.

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              Thanks for the additional information.

              I can confirm the window will become unhidden during a Pause/Resume Script on both Mac and Windows computers.  I have sent your posts along with my findings to our Development and Software Quality Assurance (Testing) departments for review and confirmation.  I will keep you updated as information becomes available to me.

              FileMaker, Inc.

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                Steve Wright

                Hi TSGal, 

                Just a quick question our of curiosity..

                You said you reproduced it on Windows, I have only managed to reproduce it on a mac so far.
                What version of Windows did you test with ?

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                  I tested this this with Windows XP SP3.  The three machines closest to me are WIndows XP SP3, Mac OS X 10.5.8, and Mac OS X 10.6.4.  In the Technical Support area, I do have access to virtually any OS.

                  FileMaker, Inc.