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Mac OS X - Java Update 2 - Kills Server 10 + 11 Web Publishing Engine

Question asked by mrevenaugh on May 20, 2010
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Mac OS X - Java Update 2 - Kills Server 10 + 11 Web Publishing Engine

Description of the issue

MacOS update for Java Update 2 installed today. It killed the WPE. I reinstalled Snow Leopard back to version 6.2 and FMServer 11. Everything was happy. I slowly updated MacOS and everything was still happy. Until I was left with the Java Update 2. After double checking everything was running properly, I did the Java Update 2. It immediately killed the WPE. How am I the first or only one to report this? I will spend the 2-4 hours to re-install Snow Leopard and FMServer 11 and all the updates up to Java 2 so that my project works. I hope the requests for system info happen soon so I can help. Because in the next 24 hours I won't be able to provide them. Very disappointing and frustrating! Where should I send the bill for my time and efforts? There should have been warnings sent to all FileMaker Server business customers warning of this. We get emails every other day about upcoming events and upgrades, but not critical issues like this? It seems that this issue has been known for at least six months. Signed ... A 20+ year user/developer of FileMaker and consultant who has many dozens of customers who have bought thousands of dollars of licenses.