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Mac version acts up after working for many hours straight

Question asked by solventerprises on Jun 12, 2012
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Mac version acts up after working for many hours straight


FileMaker Pro


Advance 12

Operating system version

Mac 10.7.4

Description of the issue

This is weird. After leaving FileMaker Pro Adv open and working for many hours weird things start to happen. (Mac only) The screen shots show just one of these weird issues. Portals start to not work correctly. I have 3 objects on a portal lined up (The first 3rd of the image) but when I view the portal the two items I just move, the two on the right, don't display down the portal. (Middle 3rd of the image) They are ligned up top to bottom with the field to the left that is working correctly. If I shut down FileMaker and open it back up it's displaying correctly. (The last 3rd of the image)

It's taken me about 3 weeks to figure out that it has something to do with FileMaker being used constantly and/or left on for many, many hours.

The other wierdness that I've noticed is that after many, many hours the Define Database dialoge doesn't work correctly either. Only the Relationsips tab displays. And no it's not one of the cases when that's the only thing you should see. And no it's not a custom menu issue. After these weirdnesses start to happen if you do not shut down the app after a little while longer the app will crash.

Steps to reproduce the problem

I'm not 100% sure. I do know that this is on the Mac and you need to have FileMaker Advanced open all day and maybe for a couple of days. But after many hours of straight development bugs start to happen like this one.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


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Shut FileMaker down and start it back up. Then the bug disappears.