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Mail Merge Displays Wrong Data in Mail Merge message

Question asked by mdover on Apr 18, 2009
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Mail Merge Displays Wrong Data in Mail Merge message

Description of the issue

I've got a calculate field made up of the sum of various weighted fields, such that Policy Brief Draft Totals= ((Policy Brief Draft Goal*3)+(Policy Brief Draft Problem*3)+(Policy Brief Draft Past Policy*3)+(Policy Brief Draft Present*3)+(Policy Brief Draft Proposed*3)+Policy Brief Draft List+Policy Brief Draft Glossary+Policy Brief Draft Bib+(Policy Brief Draft Writing*2)).for six records, the Policy Brief Draft Writing score is .9, and in 5 of the 6 records, the mail merge email message sent out displays the sub-totals and total correctly.  But for one student, the record shows .9 and the total is properly calculated, but the email message sent and received shows 1 instead of .9 as the writing score.  I have re-sent the message several times with the same error.