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Major bug in FileMaker Server scheduled backups

Question asked by scottworld on Nov 30, 2012
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Major bug in FileMaker Server scheduled backups


FileMaker Server



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OS X 10.7.5

Description of the issue

FileMaker Server 12 has a major bug when it comes to making scheduled backups of database files that use externally-stored container field files.

We have FileMaker Server set to make a nightly backup of our database file to its default Backups folder, and we have told FileMaker Server to keep a maximum of 7 backups.

This is a completely straightforward request. There is absolutely nothing unique or unusual about this at all. A very simple request... it couldn't be any simpler. We're simply telling FileMaker Server to keep one week's worth of backups in FileMaker Server's default Backups folder.  There is nothing in the world more simple than this.

Every night, it successfully makes the backup... and it successfully backs up the externally-stored container files as well.

But here's the problem:

Every night, it yields an FMServer Error 685 and reports that it cannot delete the oldest backup folder (the one from "8 nights ago"). Sure enough, there are actually 8 backup folders in the Backups folder, not 7 backup folders.

But then, on the following night, it DOES SUCCESSFULLY DELETE the folder that it reported an error on from the night before, but then yields a NEW ERROR MESSAGE for the NEW "8 nights ago" folder.

So it DOES successfully delete the folder from "9 nights ago", but then yields an error message for the "8 nights ago" folder.

So, the end result of this is fourfold:
1. FileMaker Server is continuously keeping 8 nightly backups instead of 7 nightly backups.
2. Every night, FileMaker Server deletes the "9 nights ago" folder, but then yields an error message on the "8 nights ago" folder.
3. None of this ever happened with FileMaker Server 11.
4. We are forced to turned OFF email notifications, because otherwise, we keep getting these erroneous error messages emailed to us every night. In other words, FileMaker Server is totally annoying us.

Please fix ASAP!