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Major bug with tab panels

Question asked by scottworld on Dec 9, 2013
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Major bug with tab panels


FileMaker Pro


12 and 13

Operating system version

OS X 10.8.5

Description of the issue

There is a major bug with tab panels that affects both FileMaker 12 and FileMaker 13, that took us over 2 hours to fix yesterday after it totally screwed up one of our layouts:

1. Create a tab panel on your layout with multiple tabs.

2. Mentally choose an object (or group of objects) on your layout that you would like to move into the tab panel.

3. INSTEAD OF DRAGGING THE OBJECT(S) INTO YOUR TAB PANEL, simply select the object(s) then use the Inspector to specify a LEFT AND TOP POSITION THAT FALLS WITHIN THE TAB PANEL.

4. You might expect that your object(s) will appear in the frontmost tab. But you would be wrong! Your object(s) now appear on ALL OF YOUR TAB PANELS!! Your object(s) have duplicated themselves onto ALL of your tab panels!!

5. However, they haven't really duplicated themselves, because if you delete the object(s) from one of the tab panels, they get deleted from ALL OF THE TAB PANELS.

This is absolutely infuriating! We move objects all the time by using the Inspector to specify a precise LEFT AND TOP POSITION for those objects. But if you use the Inspector to move objects inside a tab panel, you will end up messing up your entire layout.

Please fix! Thank you!