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MAJOR BUG with value lists in FileMaker 11.0v2

Question asked by scottworld on Nov 10, 2010
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MAJOR BUG with value lists in FileMaker 11.0v2


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Mac OS X 10.6.4

Description of the issue

This is a major, show-stopping bug that was not present in FileMaker 10.0v3, but it IS present in FileMaker 11.0v2. Our clients have had to revert back to FileMaker 10.0v3 because FileMaker 11.0v2 is unusable because of this bug.

1. Take a field on a layout, format it as a drop-down list.
2. For the value list, choose: "Use values from field".
3. In the "Specify fields for Value List" dialog box, the first field should be a field from an external FileMaker file.
4. Check the checkbox that says "Include all values".
5. Also check the checkbox "Also display values from a second field", and choose a second field.
6. Choose to sort values using the "Second field".

Now go back to your layout in browse mode. Click into that field and start typing.

In FileMaker 10.0v3, FileMaker would automatically jump you down to the part of the list that you are typing on your keyboard... BASED ON THE SECOND FIELD, BECAUSE THE VALUE LIST IS SORTED BY THE SECOND FIELD!

HOWEVER, IN FILEMAKER 11.0v2, FILEMAKER JUMPS YOU DOWN TO THE LIST BASED ON THE **FIRST** FIELD!!! This is incorrect. It is supposed to jump you down based on the second field, because the value list is sorted by the second field.

In our specific solution, the first field is an internal ID number that has no meaning to the user. The second field is the actual english word that the user is trying to select. The user is supposed to be able to type the beginning of the SECOND FIELD and have it jump them down to THAT part of the list. But FileMaker 11 will only jump them to the FIRST FIELD based on what they are typing.

Please fix ASAP. :)

Steps to reproduce the problem

See above.

Expected result

See above.

Actual result

See above.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

See above.


NO workaround. Please fix ASAP.