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    MAJOR BUG: Schedules DISAPPEARING in FileMaker Server 12.0v3



      MAJOR BUG: Schedules DISAPPEARING in FileMaker Server 12.0v3


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      There is a major Schedules bug in FMS 12.0v3 that is happening on a brand new machine with a clean install of everything. This bug is preventing my client's databases from backing up properly (which is probably the most important requirement of all -- current backups). I don't know how to solve it, and my client is out $2,000 on a brand new machine.

      My client was having this EXACT problem on an old FileMaker Server machine, so he decided to spend $2,000 on a brand new iMac running 10.8.2 to replace his old machine. We thought that throwing money at the problem would solve the problems, but it didn't work because this is a bug in FMS 12.0v3.

      Completely brand new machine, straight from the Apple Store. We didn't do ANY migrations of anything… no migration of FMS settings, no OS X Migration Assistant, nothing. We simply installed FileMaker Server 12.0v1, updated to FileMaker Server 12.0v3, installed the latest Java, manually dragged his FileMaker files into the Databases folder, set the permissions manually, and opened them in FileMaker Server.

      So far, so good.

      The problem is with the Schedules. I created 4 Schedules to backup all the databases on a daily basis, and I manually tested all 4 Schedules by right-clicking on each one and choosing "Run Schedule". All of them completed perfectly fine. They all backed up the databases just fine.

      However, after I Stop FileMaker Server (using the Stop button in the Admin Console, with a countdown time of 0 minutes) and I restart the machine, one or more of the schedules WILL COMPLETELY DISAPPEAR from FileMaker Server!!  The schedules just completely delete themselves, never to be found again!!

      And, for the schedules that DO somehow luckily remain in FileMaker Server, they no longer show a "Last Completed" date anymore. They've completely wiped out any history of their previous successful backups. I don't even know if they will run again at their scheduled time. But after each time I stop FileMaker Server & restart the machine, Schedules will start deleting themselves.

      This is hugely problematic, because backups are of mission critical importance.  This is on a brand new machine, just a few hours old, with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on the machine except for FileMaker Server and Java. No migration of any data from anywhere… databases & configuration settings were manually moved over.

      This is the cleanest & purest testing environment ever, and yet this serious major bug is still happening.

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               Thank you for the post.


               I was not able to reproduce with my testing. I performed the following actions:


               1. Updated FileMaker Server 12.0v1 to FileMaker Server 12.0v3 running on an iMac with Mac OS X 10.8.3. 

               2. Created four new test schedules, running each schedule successfully after creation. 

               3. Stopped the server. 

               4. Restarted the server.


               My schedules remain after the restart. Am I possibly missing a step to replicate?


               Can you repair the disk permissions and replicate again?



               FileMaker, Inc.

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            Markus Schneider

                 I can confirm that - not on all systems, but at. least on 4 installations (sorry, can't correct the typos on iPad)

                 IMHO it's an issue with priv's. When I open all folders for rwe for everyone, schedules remain after a restart. The bad thing is, that schedules are saved when stopping the server, not after leaving the create-schedule-window...

                 Ihave had it on (OSX) systems that are updated from V11, but also on brand new systems

                 It is definitely a BUG, although it won't affect every installation

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                   Hi TSFalcon,

                   Thanks so much for looking into this and for the idea of repairing disk permissions. It turns out that repairing disk permissions DID seem to fix the problem of schedules deleting on their own. It seems like Java itself needed a whole bunch of permissions fixed... even though I had JUST installed Java from scratch on this brand new machine! Damn Java... always trouble in JavaLand!

                   Although there still does seem to be a small cosmetic glitch in FileMaker Server. Every time I restart this FMS Server machine, the FMS Admin Console STILL shows a blank date & time for "last completed date" for MOST of the schedules (see attached screenshot). However, this seems to just be a cosmetic bug, because the schedules still keep running after a restart. And, as long as the FMS machine isn't restarted again, the "last completed date" DOES show up properly during the next run of each schedule.

                   So, the good news is that the schedules are no longer deleted after a restart. As for that minor bad news, I can totally deal with the cosmetic glitch after a restart... that's not a huge problem, since the schedules are still there and the schedules still seem to be running just fine.

                   Thanks again for your help!!
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                Markus Schneider
                 at least on one installation, repair permissions did not help here. And Yes, I can confirm that the last-backup-field remains empty on some installations
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                       I have had the same issue for a year or so.  The loss of schedules doesn't seem to be tied to restarts or starting or stopping FMS.  Sometimes it is 6 or 8 weeks in between when the schedules disappear.  I have tried the permission repair but it does not seem to fix the issue in the long run.  I have seen this on multiple FMS 12 installations on different computers. Can anyone posting on here confirm that the problem has stayed away after the fixes you implemented?

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                         I just experienced this problem (for the first time).  I closed down the databases and server cleanly, installed a couple of minor system updates, rebooted, and when the server came back up, all of my schedules were gone, and the three defaults (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) were in place.

                         From my limited searching, there does not appear to be any solution to this problem.  Has anyone made any progress toward solving this issue?

                         Also, can anyone tell me where these schedules are stored?  I.e. in what configuration file does the schedule info reside?


                         FileMaker Server Advanced: (v12 has been running not this machine for approx. 10 months), 51 databases, approx. 120 GB of data.

                         OS: Mac OS X Server 10.8.5

                         Hardware: 2 x 2.93 GHz Quad-Core Xeon, 12 GB RAM

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                           Thank you for the reply.


                           Resetting the FileMaker Server Admin Console password would reset the schedules and administrative groups to default.


                      What to do if FileMaker Server Admin Console password is lost or forgotten

                      How do I regain access to the FileMaker Server Admin Console if the password is forgotten?


                           See step 2 of the above article for the location of the configuration files that store those settings. Replicating this issue in house has proven difficult, so if those files were not deleted, can you provide steps to replicate this behavior?  



                           FileMaker, Inc.

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                             This was a routine reboot of the machine involving minor system updates (iTunes 11.1.5, Safari 6.1.2, Security Update 2014-001).  This has only happened to me this one time, and I do not have a means of replicating the behavior.  This is a production server, and I cannot use it for testing.

                             Can you confirm for me that the schedules are stored in this file?

                               /Library/FileMaker Server/Admin/conf/server_config.xml


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                               I finally resolved this problem, and it has been working fine on my client's server for the last year now. But it was a huge headache to resolve. I had to completely erase the entire server machine altogether, then reinstall OS X 10.8 from scratch, then update to the latest version of OS X 10.8, then install the latest version of Java. Then I installed FileMaker Server 12, updated to the latest version of FileMaker Server 12, uploaded the databases, and recreated all the schedules from scratch. Everything has been fine since. But it basically required me treating the machine like a brand new machine… starting from complete scratch. It's possible that a it was a newer version of Java which fixed this problem, but who really knows. I say that because the steps that I went through here were exactly the same steps that I originally went through, so who really knows how this problem finally got resolved.